The total area of Hinoba-an is 42,150 hectares or 421.50 sq. kms. its open space occupies the biggest area which 14,782 or 35.66%. Built-up area covers 3,274 hectares or 7.90%, while forestland has 12,852.205 hectares or 31.01%.

        There are thirteen barangays in the whole municipality. Two (2) barangays comprise the town-proper in the Poblacion and eleven (11) barangays are scattered in the different parts of the town. The farthest barangay in terms of distance from the municipal hall is Damutan, which is 33 kms. away. Barangay 1 is the nearest. In terms of land area, the biggest is also Barangay Damutan, which has 11,750.8 hectares, and the smallest is again Barangay 1 in the town-proper.

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